Hello all! My name is Fred Siebert, My wife and co owner Cindy and I have always been animal lovers. We ourselves have three awesome dogs, we have two labs and a rescue Pit Bull we adopted when a long time client and friend past away. nobody would take her and we could not let her go to the pound, so now we have three!. our Labs Buddy & Bella & Habibi along with our four cats kiki, meow-meow, stickers and patches. We know what it means to be attached and always concerned about the safety of our pets. The Pest Guys have always been a very pet friendly company. We use only pet Friendly products and always make sure our clients understand the precautions and guidelines to be followed during and after treatment is performed. In some cases it may be necessary to temporarily remove pets from the premises for treatment. We work hard to work around your schedule and make sure things go smoothly for you and pets. We offer eco exempt products and other solutions to make you and your pets comfortable and happy free of annoying pest that make them itch, scratch and even sick. Let the Pest Guys get what’s bugging you and your four legged family.

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