Summers Coming

YES! Summer is almost her and With it comes Biting, Stinging, Chewing and just plain aggravating mother nature.
Fight back outside:
1) Drain standing water
2) Make sure screens are in good repair and free of holes.
3) Keep yard clean. bugs love to hide under leaves and other debris left for to long. clean up anything that can give bugs a home to hide and breed.
4) Use ground cover that does not inadvertently do the same thing. Old mulch, bark and other natural ground covers offer the same protection as leaves, weeds and overgrown grass and bushes. CHANGE OLD BARKS AND WOOD TYPE GROUND COVER. new bark and mulch are fine, redwood bark is best because of the natural tannings which bugs hate. Change bark at least every two years.
MOST OF ALL: regular pest service will give you an edge against natures onslaught of well, NATURE! make the most of summer and worry less about being invaded by Rats and bugs.
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