Black widows

As summer aproches I think its important to talk about Black widow spiders. Black widows are really the only poisonous spiders we have in northern California. Most people are not aware but their is another widow called a brown widow, also poisonous but is actually more of a plum color.
Black Widows are not aggressive but will bite if it feels threatened. You will find Black widows living in the bushes around and on your house or building. we call black widows a doorway pest because often they will live around doors because of the lights often found around the doors and the bugs the lights attract. The bite of the Black widow spider can cause a host of painful symptoms from breathing problems to high blood pressure severe back and stomach pain and a host of other not fun stuff. Although black widow bites are not usually fatal they can kill small children, the sick and elderly. Black widows can kill or cause severe and permanent health issues for small animals as well.
So Black Widows should be taken seriously. without regular pest service a run in with this spider can prove a painful lesson.
Give us a call and we can make sure this scary little spider doesn’t take up residence around your house or business.

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