Our Commercial clients have come to appreciate and rely on our fast response times and the knowledge we bring to solve any commercial property issues.

With years of experience in solving every manner of pest issues you can depend on The Pest Guys (TPG) to get the job done quickly, quietly and the first time.

Our technicians are highly trained in commercial, industrial and professional buildings, shopping malls or any building prone to pest issues, We know what and where to look to resolve the issues for  you and your clients.

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The Pest Guys (TPG) has over 20 years of residential experience to call on when you call on us.

From Ants and Spiders  rodents and all the other creepy crawly things  that want to invade your space, we know just how to send them packing. Cutting edge technology and years of real experience cant be matched when it comes to protecting you and family from the things that bite, sting destroy and just plain creep you out. Don't put up with invasion of unwanted pest, Give us a call and we will spring into action putting and end to your frustration. Our goal is to GET WHATS BUGGING YOU and give you back your sanity.



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TPG has made it easy for industrial clients to get on with their busy day doing what they do best and let us do what we do best. Rats, Bats or Mice are no match the experts at TPG. With unsurpassed experience in dealing with not only rodents but all manner of irritating pests. We have built the trust and confidence that our clients have come to expect from fast on time response to the knowledge and confidence to make the decisions that get your problem solved fast and more importantly Right!

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We offer specialized services in many areas of pest control.

BIRDS  cause millions of dollars in damage to commercial and residential buildings every year. Pigeons in particular cause sever damage and pose a significant health hazard to people with pigeons nesting on their buildings. Pigeons can be stopped in their tracks with our specialized exclusion processes. We offer free estimates with a variety of ways to achieve what you need.
RODENTS do damage on the inside, bringing droppings and smells and damage to wires, plastic pipes, vent systems and more.  Rodents from rats and mice to squirrels damage homes and buildings leaving you with a frustrating mess and costly repairs. The Pest Guys (TPG) can clean up the mess, decontaminate and stop any rodent from invading you space. We do not EVER use poison in any building attic spaces, we remove them! yes it is harder to achieve but with the possibility of an animal dying in your attic, our answers are the ones that make the most sense to humanely and permanently stop rodent invasions.

BED BUGS! Nobody wants to hear those two terrifying words!  SACRAMENTO is now the "hot bed" for Bed Bugs in California!! Bed Bugs are Extremely hard to eradicate. You need a company with the experience and a proven process to deal with these insidious little bugs. Bed Bugs can live for up to 18 months with no food and by food we mean YOU. Bed Bugs love to hide in areas that produce heat or areas close to their food source. I cannot tell you how many times I have come after another pest company and find out that not only did they not mention how they were to do the job, they treated the bed bugs in much the way they treated for ants! not only will this not work, it will cause the bed bugs to scatter and will make a qualified companies job much harder to treat. Cutting corners with this little bug will literally drive you out of your home. We have been eradicating bed bugs for over a decade and are an industry leader in getting these little critters gone. When it comes to your home and family don't cut corners with any pest problem, call the guys that no their stuff! THATS US!

COCKROACHES are another creepy little invader. cockroaches can be brought into your home or business in so many different ways that without regular pest service you may some day come face to face with this tough little bugs. one female roach can give rise to over 35,000 offspring in ONE YEAR. Once you have them it takes a company and people specially trained to deal with them. Their are cockroaches that are resistant to some pesticides. without the proper training to identify the particular roach and if it could be resistant, get them under control can be frustrating and expensive. At The Pest Guys we have years of experience in both Residential and commercial cockroach eradication. with cutting edge baits to the best in chemical controls you have a safe and successful treatment, best of all NO MORE ROACHES.

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Brown banded and German roaches
Brown banded , American and Oriental cockroach eggs

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